Monday, August 15, 2016


Some time in the month of April, a weekend, we decided to travel to Ooty, a beautiful hill station nestled in the Nilgiri hills, in Tamilnadu. Since the decision was a last minute one, we got a place to stay in Coonoor. It is at an elevation of 1850 meters above sea level. To me it seemed greener, quieter and more scenic. The drive to Coonoor itself was wonderful. We passed through the Bandipur National Park in Tamilnadu. A few deers, cheerful, curious monkeys, noisy peacocks were among the fauna we spotted.

 Coonoor is known more for its tea production, now a bit on the decline, or so it seemed. We enjoyed the quiet and serene aura of the place. We went to a tea garden and factory to see how it is processed and packed. 
The Tea Plantation
We went walking around the little town, an experience in itself, as walking on a hilly terrain, can be a challenging but satisfyingly sweaty task for health freaks. The crisp cool breeze does a lot of healing of the soul. 
The drive up to a point called the dolphins nose was a dreamy ride, with a few minutes spent there clicking pictures and enjoying the panoramic view of the whole city. One has to be a wee bit careful of the monkeys around, but by and large they wont trouble you. 
The Dolphins Nose

The best part of the city was its colourful surroundings, because of the pretty flowers and healthy foliage around. I could not but help capture the insane variety of flowers I saw there. It is so breathtakingly gorgeous.

You get to restore the health of your lungs in such places. Maybe we could have stayed on for a couple of more days, but for now this was a blissful trip, enough for us to want more, and rush back whenever we get the time.

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